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Saw was one of the most popular Horror movie franchises of the 2000s, grossing nearly $1 Billion at the box office and leaving a generation of teenagers frightened of the fanatical serial killers Jigsaw and Pig head. First making its appearance in the 2004 movie, and last seen in the final part of the franchise seven films later in Saw 3D. The Saw costume, or more correctly a Jigsaw outfit is a near legendary movie costume that scares most people as soon as they see it. Now, thanks to the fancy dress experts at Smiffys, our selection of officially licensed Saw outfits let you act like any of your favourite characters from the Saw franchise including Jigsaw, Pig head and Miss Jigsaw. All of which are perfect for your next Halloween Costume. We also have a wide range of accessories for finishing you costume, with everything from Wigs and Masks, to face paint, blood and other bits of gore. Perfect for any terrifying night, even the scariest night of the year, this classic horror fancy dress will have the whole party petrified.

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