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Looking for Sheriff costumes? Then you're in just the place. If you’ve always fancied yourself as a person of the law, you’ll love our range of fun sheriff costumes for adults and kids alike. It doesn’t matter if you step back in time to the days of the Wild West or emulate your favourite TV sheriff, we’ve got some realistic law enforcement officer costumes at the ready. Everyone wants to be a hero, so now’s your chance. Get into character with your fun sheriff costume and get ready to uphold the law. We’ve got a wide range of outfits that will help you become the best law enforcement officer your town will ever see (OK maybe not your town, but your friends, but this still counts, right?) Men and women love getting into character. There’s nothing more fun than doing a bit of detective work, rounding up the baddies, and then getting even more kudos for your bravery. But this isn't just a game for mum and dad, the kids love it to, which is why we also stock a number of great sheriff costumes for children. You can go all out with the full on American style sheriff costume or just accessorise with a badge and hat; whatever you choose, your friends and family will surely be more wary of your newfound power and will be on their best behaviour, or will they?

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