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In a world where all crime is legal for one night each year, it's important to be prepared. And what better way to do that than with one of our The Purge masks that will help you protect your identity and strike fear into the hearts of those who cross your path? Our selection of LED masks will help you do just that, whether you're dressing up as a survivor running for your life or as one of the murderous thugs hunting down your prey. What's more, this is great idea for Couples Halloween Costumes, you could even romantically, match your deathly weapons of choice for purging or if your planning a Group Halloween costume this year, there wont be a scarier group around than you and your friends marching up the street with matching LED Masks, splattered in fake blood. So don't forget to complete your look with all those essential accessories like fake weapons, props, and other costume pieces that will get you ready to take to the streets and cause some anarchy!

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