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Thor is the God of Thunder and one of the most powerful (and entitled) superheroes in the Marvel Universe. He's a member of the Avengers, and his popularity is only increasing as we learn more about the character with each new film release. Thor Odinson wields the power of the ancient Asgardians to fight evil throughout the Nine Realms and beyond. But as shown to us in the very first Thor film from Marvel, the Son of Odin cant get very far without his mighty hammer, Mjolnir. So make sure you summon a hammer to complete your costume. Thor is a powerful and impressive superhero, and his costumes are just as impressive featuring a regal red cape and body armour. If you're looking to make a super transformation, look no further than our range of Thor costumes. So why not don the look of this literal God with your very own Thor Costumes. They're shockingly brilliant.

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