Collection: Tim Burton Film Costumes

The King of dark and creepy – Tim Burton is easily one of most famous directors in modern filmmaking. His films use animation, gothic characters as well as shadowy, bizarre settings, which over time has built up a common theme of what we expect and love from a Tim Burton creation. It should be no surprise then, that many of his films make for the best Halloween costumes. This October you can use our Officially Licenced costumes to transform your self into the chaotic Beetlejuice or a more subdued Edward Scissorhands. Or if you want to get a little creative why don’t you have a go at recreating the look of Emily from the Corpse Bride, we have many corpse bride dresses and make up looks to help you achieve her monochromatic blue complexion. Not all of Tim’s creations are Halloween themed though! He has also gifted us with updated film adaptations of classic children’s tales like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice In Wonderland. So Smiffys have put together this collection so that fans of Tim Burton, young or old can dress up as their favourite film character whether it be Jack Skellington or Mad Hatter.

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