Costume ideas for Pride

Costume ideas for Pride

The growth of Pride Events

From small protest-like gatherings to huge celebrations with thousands of people, pride events have grown significantly in the past few decades.

Pride events usually start taking over major cities across Europe in spring or summer every year. They involve demonstrations, parades, live entertainment, parties and much more.

Pride events are about celebrating all things LGBT and they’re are known for creating that colourful carnival atmosphere. The best thing about pride is that everyone can attend it and celebrate the equality and unity.

What to wear

While dressing up in fancy dress for pride events is completely optional, it’s a great way to become part of the celebration and raise awareness of LGBT issues as well as to show support to the LGBT community. Pride is like a mixture of a carnival, a festival or even a fashion show, so it’s perfect for experimenting with your outfit. Let’s not forget that it’s a celebration of diversity and equality, so everyone can wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Whatever outfit you decide to wear, make sure you include colour!

Many people wear rainbow outfits because rainbow flag is a symbol of LGBT pride. You can go for full rainbow outfits like suits and dresses or just add rainbow colour inspired pieces to your everyday look. Some people simply ‘wear’ a rainbow flag to show their support to the LGBT community.

80s costumes are great for pride events because they’re all about bright colours and crazy hair. Things like bright neon leg warmers, fishnet tops or disco leggings would work great for pride.

Don’t forget about 60s! This era was all about peace and love, so pride events are perfect for wearing 60s costumes! From peace signs and flowers to rainbow inspired prints, everything that a hippy would wear is perfect for pride.

Writing or drawing something inspirational on clothes is a very popular pride trend. PaintGlow fabric paint would be great for adding something personalised and unique to a simple t-shirt. It could be used to paint rainbows, peace signs, write inspiring messages or anything else that shows support for the LGBT community.

If you’re feeling very brave, use face and body paints as clothes! While, this new trend seems to be taking over festivals, we think that it’s also perfect for pride events.


Pride is perfect for getting creative with your hair! Wearing a wig is one of the easiest ways to add colour to your look. It can be a bright wig in any colour or a rainbow wig. If you’re looking to complete a decade inspired look, we have great selection of 60s and 80s wigs! Neon hair chalk and hair streaks are excellent for people who don’t want to wear wigs, but still want to add some colour to their hair.

Make up

Make up is great for completing any pride outfit. The easiest way to show the world that you’re going to pride is drawing some rainbows on your face and body.

There can’t be too much glitter during pride events, so things like glitter paint sticks, body gels and eye liners and glitter shakers are essential. Bold eye make up and rainbow glitter eyebrows definitely is one of the most popular make up options for pride. Anyone who has a beard could cover it in coloured glitter!

Forget about plain eyelashes if you’re attending pride events! 80s inspired neon eyelashes are a great for completing any outfit.

Transfer tattoos are very popular at festivals and hen parties and we think they would work great at pride events. Our rainbow transfer tattoos are perfect for anyone who wants to add awesome details to their look without much effort.


Don’t forget about accessories! Glasses, head accessories, eye masks, boas, tutus, braces, rainbow coloured flower leis and other accessories can help transform a simple outfit into a pride outfit.

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