Collection: Adult Historical Costumes

Looking for a great costume to make your next big event extra special? Then look no further than our selection of Adult Historical Costumes! Whether you're attending a historical re-enactment of a Ancient Roman battle, a LARP event from Medieval times, or you might need to dress the part to teach children about Greek Mythology or tales of Ancient Egyptian Gods like Anubis or Horus. Whatever it is requiring you to travel back in time, Smiffys are here to make the ride as smooth as possible! Our design team have taken time to carry out in-depth research to ensure our Historical costumes are as accurate as possible, whilst also being comfortable to wear for any fancy dress event.
Are you looking for a totally unique Halloween costume this year? Choosing a historical costume from our Viking, Victorian or Tudor collections, and adding your own dark twist like some bloody scars, or ghoulish make up is a sure way to impress everyone! Check out our selection of Adult Historical Costumes today and find the perfect way to stand out from the crowd? With so many different styles, colours, and sizes available, it's easy to find exactly what you're looking for at our store.

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