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We have a great collection of Viking costumes for both adults and kids. Viking outfits have become increasingly popular in recent years, mainly due to the hit drama series featuring Ragnar Lothbrok and his clan. However, for those of you in need of a little recap, here's some insight into who the Vikings were. The Viking age was a period in European history, in the early Middle Ages, between AD700 and 1100. It was in this period, that Pagans from Scandinavia , (Sweden, Denmark and Norway), explored by longboat other European countries, in search of trade, colonization and in some cases to conquer. The word Viking comes from the 'Old Norse' language. By way of definition, it translates to 'a pirate raid'. But not all Vikings were bloodthirsty barbarians. They were also skilled farmers, and craftsmen. Due to the Vikings being pagan, Christian monasteries were sitting targets on raids, and as a result all non-Christians depicted them as savages. So when it comes to dressing up like a Viking, we have all the fancy dress accessories and outfits you can need. This is a great theme for boys and girls, and men and women. And no Viking costume is complete without a horned helmet right? It's common place to think that horned viking helmets were standard attire. Yes, we stock them. But history has shown, that whilst these helmets did indeed exist, it is likely they weren't work in battle. So, it's by no means mandatory. Just be sure to complete your outfit with our range of viking accessories.

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