Collection: Kids Jedi Costumes

It’s time for your kids to discover the power of the force for themselves with our realistic Kids Jedi Costume to embrace their Padawan side fully. Whether your little Jedis want to dress up as their favourite Jedi from the movies, from Luke or Yoda to Obi-Wan or even the more recent Rey and beyond, we have the costume to make this dream come to life. Whether your Padawans are looking for a casual outfit that includes a robe and a cape for a simple look, or you want to go all out and steal the show with boots, gloves, and of course, the iconic lightsabre, everything you need to create the Jedi aesthetic is right here waiting for you. It’s never been easier to create the look of the most iconic heroes in sci-fi history, whatever your inspiration. If you really want, you could even go all out in a Baby Yoda outfit, because let’s be honest, that would look utterly adorable, especially if you’re dressing your younger kids. Just make sure you have your camera ready because these are looks you’re never going to want to forget!

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