Collection: Rey Costumes

Rey is the latest in a long line of Star Wars heroines and has set herself as the future of the Star Wars line. As a fan of Rey, if her journey through the galaxy had you on the edge of her seat, now’s the best time to dress up and cosplay her yourself with any of our amazing Rey Costumes, an authentic look that allows you to become the Jedi Master herself. From the moment we met Rey as she scavenged through the ruins of Jakku, beginning her journey to discover the power of the Force while joining the fight against Kylo and the First Order, all while discovering the origins of her parents, Rey’s journey was one of the most wholesome, and regardless of what you felt of the movies itself, Rey was such a beautiful role that captured the hearts of many. To bring you all the creative freedom you could want, our collection of Star Wars Costumes contains all the favourites, including the stylish Force Awakens robes we all met her in, the darker The Last Jedi aesthetic, and all the outfits in between that really helped to bring Rey to life. Whatever your next event is where you can dress up and have fun, why not step into the shoes of Rey, and awaken the Force within you!

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