How To Get Involved | Red Nose Day 2022

How To Get Involved | Red Nose Day 2022

Smiffys are here to remind you that it’s not long until Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day! As we cautiously try and move back towards normality, we know just how busy everyone feels, so thinking of charitable fundraising ideas isn’t likely to be ranking highly on your To Do list! Don't worry though because we are here to break down the details as well as give you some inspiration if you want to get involved with some fundraising.

When Is Red Nose Day?

Comic Relief's Red Nose Day 2022 will take place on Friday 18th March, with a three hour-long comedy special airing at 7pm on BBC One.

Who Does Red Nose Day Help?

The Comic Relief charity works with people, to build better environments that help people live free from poverty, violence and discrimination. Comic Relief recognises that poverty doesn’t look the same in all situations so they purposely work with the people closest to these issues everyday, knowing that they often have the best solutions to the problems around them.

Red Nose Day use donations to help people throughout the UK and across the world all year round. Here are some mind-blowing facts about the what Red Nose Day has achieved over the past 2 years:

  • Helped improve access to mental health services and combat the stigma surrounding it in the UK. They’ve supported 40,700 people gain access to the quality services they need.
  • Helped more than 691,000 people gain access to improved maternal, neonatal and child health services in Africa and Asia. Helping children get the best start in life.
  • Helped 34,700 people who were experiencing or were at risk of homelessness access safe accommodation and support.
  • Helped more than 170,00 refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Helped more than half a million women and girls in the UK and more than 5.2million internationally, by working to reduce violence and intimidation against women in their own homes, and support women and girls who face injustice based on their gender.

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How To Get Involved

Comic Relief are one of many charities who had their fundraising activities limited as a result of lockdown and social distancing restrictions. However, now that we are all allowed to hug each other again, there’s no reason to not give it everything we’ve got!

We’ve listed a few ways you can get involved if you want to!

  • Got Your Nose?

    This years red nose design might just be the wildest yet! There’s 8 different designs of jungle animals that can be purchased from any Sainsburys store or directly from the Red Nose Day or Argos website. Costing £1.50 with at least 75p going direct to the charity.

  • Other Merchandise

    The fun doesn’t stop at just the comical noses. Sainsburys also stock a range of fun merchandise like pin badges, keyrings, mugs and soft toys for you to easily pick up during your next food shop! TK Maxx are also supporting the charity by selling official products such as T-shirts, greetings cards, tote bags, tea towels and colourful art prints by various artists!

  • Bake It or Fake It

    Perfectly put on the Red Nose Day Website, ‘bake it, or fake it’. Bake sales don’t have to be hard work. Whether you love channelling your inner Mary Berry, or you'd rather just nip to the shop to get something ready-made. It doesn’t matter! As long as you can swap the goodies in exchange for some coins. You’d be doing a fantastic thing!

  • Time + Distance = Donations!

    There are loads of sponsored activities you can get involved with to earn some donations from your friends and family. See how many miles you can cover by running, walking, swimming or cycling, this is a great option whether you love to do the activity or not. If you’re a pro why don’t you try and hit a new personal best, or if you’re a novice, people will love to cheer you on and support your efforts and you may even find a new hobby! Another way you can earn donations from friends, family and even strangers is by entertaining them as you struggle to do something like skip, dance or knit, for as long as possible. The possibilities are endless with this one!

  • Get Dressed In Red

    Is your school or workplace getting involved? One of the easiest ways to fundraise is as a big group, by getting together we can raise a lot more money relatively easily! The popular incentive of allowing people to wear something specific to work or school by donating a couple of quid has always been a popular choice for Red Nose Day. Whether it’s wearing red accessories, something silly or just a simple non-uniform day!

  • Help Spread The Word

    Time is precious so if you don’t have time to get involved with your own fundraising, you could help by just spreading awareness. Share a snap on social media of you donning your new Red Nose to remind people that Comic Relief is just around the corner!

  • Watch The Show!

    Have a cosy night in with friends or family and settle down for the three-hour comedy special that will be shown on BBC One at 7pm on Friday 18th. Comic Relief will be pulling out the big guns this year with hilarious sketches, live performances and big surprises from comedians, celebrities and athletes. It also importantly shows the positive changes the charity can make, thanks to all the donations from viewers.

Here are some helpful links to the Official Red Nose Day Website including free downloadable activity sheets and learning resources!

Donate to Comic Relief:

Red Nose Day Shop:


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