Smiffys celebrate SMILEY's 50th Anniversary

Smiffys celebrate SMILEY's 50th Anniversary

It’s safe to say that 2020 and 2021 can't help but remind us of gloomier times. It was a period of uncertainty for everyone and without being able to rely on our usual communities for support, the burden felt by everyone increased ten-fold. We think that this year, 2022 should be the time to smile again and there is one heritage brand that has made it their mission, especially for the future and that’s SMILEY ®😊

50 Years Of Influence

SMILEY is a globally recognised lifestyle brand whose goal, since 1972, has been to spread positivity through avenues of fashion, homewares, music, art and technology. Ever since it was born as a symbol for good news in the French newspaper, France Soir.

This year marks 50 years since SMILEY began to spread their influence across the globe. Those living in the UK during the 80's and 90's will recall the disruption that the little yellow face became known for, as it was adopted by the subversive underground music and rave scene. SMILEY soon became a symbol of defiant optimism used by sub-cultures tired of the status quo.

To celebrate the half-century that SMILEY have spent dishing out nothing but good vibes, they've released a special collection of limited edition products through collaborations with 50 leading brands from Raf Simons to Reebok.

SMILEY's ability to partner up with such a wide variety of brands to create successful product lines should be seen as a testament to the brands amazing core values. Were proud to say that Smiffys are on the list that have collaborated with SMILEY in the past. We created an amazing range of festival-wear that feature the iconic logo, if your looking to share some joy with your festival outfit this year then check out the collection here.

Take Time To Smile

A perfect example of SMILEY’s intention to encourage more empathy, compassion, and gratitude is their Take Time To Smile campaign. A never-seen-before global street manifesto for positivity came in the form of a two week fly poster campaign. The goal was to spread smiles in the streets of major cities during fashion week and in the build-up to SMILEY store launches. You may have even seen one of the little smiley guys in person as they were dotted across the globe from London to Los Angeles.

Take Time To Dance

It doesn’t stop there though, SMILEY have shown off just how far they've come in the past 50 years. From the infamous Liverpool club nights back in the 90s, to collaborating with one of the most successful DJs in the world. David Guetta!

The dance music legend and powerhouse got involved with the campaign to collaborate on a music video for the song ‘Silver Screen’. A song which was created, like many of his other tracks, to spread happiness and positivity to listeners across the world. In fact, if you’re lucky enough to be heading to a music event where David Guetta is performing this summer… make sure you keep an eye out for that infamous yellow face throughout his set!

Watch the music video below and see if you can spot all artistic ties to the campaign, from André Saraiva's graffiti to guest appearances from @DudewithSign!

Get Involved with The Celebrations

To join in the 50th anniversary celebrations this Summer, we have teamed up SMILEY to bring you a giveaway competition designed to put a smile on your face😊 Head over to our Instagram or Facebook to find out how to enter. You could be in with the chance of getting your hands on SMILEY's 50th anniversary book filled with nothing but good news, and some officially licenced SMILEY costumes/outfits for you to style at a festival this Summer!

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