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We have a great collection of Astronaut costumes for adults and kids. Becoming an astronaut or a cosmonaut is a pretty cool occupation with an awesome uniform, but flying a spacecraft is no mean feat and takes years of training. We've all hear of NASA. Well it was our friends over the pond in America, that put Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11 into space, and made him first man on the moon. Since then, men and boys have been dying to pull on a jumpsuit, space boots and a bubble helmet and become an astronaut for a day. There's even been some fantastic movies made on the back of this, such as Apollo 13, where Tom Hanks had the great line of "Houston, we have a problem". Astronaut fancy dress is pretty versatile, there's plenty of scope for thinking outside of the box. Not everyone wants to dress up as in a spaceman costume right? Why not pair up with a friend in one of our Alien costumes? Whatever you're looking for, be it astronaut outfit, or just some accessories, you'll find it all below.

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