Collection: Gangster Fancy Dress

Nothing beats dressing up in a gangster costume and we have a huge range of gangster fancy dress for adults and kids. We can thank the Mob Bosses of the 1920's era for the inspiration for this collection, and more accurately the American Gangsters in Chicago. Tommy Gun wielding gangsters such as Al Capone and Bugs Moran in the prohibition era have inspired gangster suits and accessories that are perfect for any gangster fancy dress. Whether you're looking for a pinstripe suit and hat, or a zoot suit, it's all here in this collection. For a TV inspired twist you could dress up as one of the Peaky Blinders. You will also find our range of gangster moll outfits here too. But don't forget, it's perfectly acceptable to rock a flapper dress if that's more your style. Whatever you decide on, no Mafia costume is complete without the accessories.

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