Collection: Kids Alice in Wonderland Costumes

A fun way for your kids to celebrate Halloween or any other funky occasion is to dress up in costumes. So if you're thinking of staging a magical or fantastical themed party, then why not choose one of these great Alice in Wonderland costumes? And we have such an extensive collection of costumes, it's really up to your kids how they want to express themselves. How about the classic Red Queen costume, where are, of course, the queen is crazy, and she's sure to turn your child's head red. Or maybe they'll turn the Queen's head red, who knows? All you know is that this costume will make a lasting impression. What about something fun, like a White Rabbit costume? The rabbit is always late, so don't be surprised if your child shows up to the party in a bit of a rush! With his white coat and cute little waistcoat, he'll be sure to bring some charm along with him. And if you'd like an Alice in Wonderland costume that's a bit more, come to the Mad Hatter! Whatever character your children want to step into the shoes of, we've got the Alice in Wonderland Costumes to make that dream a reality, so waste no time, choose your favourite, and have some fun! Oh... and do you know yet, why a raven is like a writing desk?

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