Collection: Kids Skeleton Costumes

Let kids play-dead for the night as they transform into a spooky skeleton this Halloween! There’s a strong association formed between skeletons and Halloween from an early age, so it’s no surprise that they are one of the most popular fancy dress themes each year. Because of this we have made sure there’s plenty of choice for both girls and boys of all ages to find their absolute favourite! The skeletal animal costumes are a popular choice among young boys because let’s be honest, the only thing scarier than a T-Rex is a Skeleton T-Rex! Young girls will have to decide between tricking their family with a scary skeleton costume or treating them with one of our more fun options like this Neon Skeleton costume. One of the best things about any skeleton costume is the amazing face painting that goes alongside it, so make sure to check out our Skeleton Makeup Collection while you’re here. You can also find a step by step tutorial for recreating the look over on our blog.

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