A Smiffys Christmas Gift Guide for Boys

A Smiffys Christmas Gift Guide for Boys

The elves at Smiffys HQ have been busy at work as they get ready for the upcoming Winter festivities! So we know that between all the Christmas parties and family get-togethers, making time for Christmas shopping can seem impossible to plan and fit in. For those that need some gift ideas and inspiration... here's a quick Christmas gift guide for boys!



pirate accessories  -christmas gift guide

1) PIRATE ACCESSORIES To help spark a bit of magic and imagination with a Christmas gift this year. Go for a theme that boys of all ages will find cool. A skull and crossbones bandana that's ready to fit heads of all sizes. When paired with a second gift of the Pirate Coin Bag, (we suggest filling it with chocolate coins) it will make a truly exciting gift to open on Christmas day.




western water pistol  -christmas gift guide

2) WESTERN WATER PISTOL SET While it may not be the right temperatures for a water fight just yet... this Western Water Pistol is sure to provide hours of entertainment as their imagination transports them to the Wild West to play-fight in a cowboy shoot out with a friend, brother or sister!




taskmaster shield  -christmas gift guide

3) TASKMASTER SHIELD A cool bedroom decoration for older boys or the perfect accessory for imaginative play for the younger ones. Any fan of the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse will instantly recognise this as Taskmaster's metallic shield, similar to the one used by Captain America!




kids tv show costumes  -christmas gift guide

4) A COSTUME FROM THEIR FAVOURITE SHOW Browse through the range of officially licensed Kids TV costumes to find their favourite character whether it's from PAW Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers or even a comic book hero!




led light up toy  -christmas gift guide

5) LED LIGHT UP TOY 'Tis the season for partying, so choose from light up swords, projector wands, spinning lights or even LED glasses to keep them entertained during those celebrations from Christmas Day to NYE and beyond!



dinosaur onesie  -christmas gift guide

6) DINOSAUR ONESIE For some young boys you can't beat the fun of dressing up as a dinosaur, and this plush dinosaur costume is hard to beat! The long-sleeved velour onesie is an eye-catching vibrant blue with brilliant 3D horns and tail in scaly print will have them roaring for joy as they unwrap it this Christmas.




Reindeer costume -christmas gift guide

7) RIDE IN REINDEER COSTUME Let him be the star of the show around the dinner table at this year's Christmas dinner! This fun and light-hearted Ride on Reindeer costume is sure to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Just be sure to grab this one before it goes, as it featured in our recent Black Friday Sale!


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