Eurovision 2022 Drinking Games

Eurovision 2022 Drinking Games

From its humble beginnings in 1956, to becoming the world’s largest live music event! The Eurovision Song Contest has now cemented itself as an annual tradition for many, and it’s popularity has only grown as people find fun ways to make the show even more entertaining to watch.

If you are one of those that eat, sleep and breathe the contest, the type of person who will say ‘nil point’ when you're told something you don’t like. Then you’re also probably the one who gets your friends together for a Eurovision Song Contest party!

We’re not here to tell you how to host your party... we trust that you know what your doing, but what we are here to do is help you make it as funny as possible! So before you check out our Eurovision Party Collection here is our rundown of the best Eurovision inspired drinking games we’ve found across the web.

1. Sweepstake

A little friendly competition is a sure fire way to make things a more chaotic (in a good way), especially when there’s money on the line! To kick things off you and your guests need to mutually agree on an amount that each player will put into the kitty, then you need to randomly allocate the countries to each player. Here’s a free website to take the hassle out of this for you! Even those who are less invested with the competition will soon be up on their feet cheering for their country like their livelihood depends on it.

2. Eurovision Bingo

Bingo is always a good time and a great way to get your friends excited by the performances while they watch the show. There’s a few different ways you can include bingo at your party so we’ve listed them below along with our own Bingo card you can use.

  • ➊ Give out a copy of our bingo card to each of your guests and play as a team, this is a non-competitive version where the goal is to have a laugh and have fun dishing out drink forfeits to your friends if you spot something before anyone else!
  • ➋Alternatively, you can give each of your friends a slightly different bingo card to up the ante. This makes it a frantic rush to see who can cross off their whole card first.
Eurovision 2022 Bingo Card |

3. @eurovisiondrink

If you want a game that results in lots of tipsy guests, then we suggest this Eurovision Drinking Game! A huge bonus with this game is that the creator has also made a Twitter account to live-tweet throughout the show. Set up your notifications and you’ll get a ping from @eurovisiondrink telling you when something from their list occurs and what size drink you are required to take. Be prepared, this happens a lot so make sure you keep yourself and your guests hydrated!

4. Mission Eurovision

Mission Eurovision’s classic drinking game is similar to @eurovisiondrink, requiring you to drink when certain things happen in the contest. The forfeits vary from taking a sip of your drink whenever you see a contestant wearing feathers, to doing a shot when the UK gets 12 points from a jury vote! This is our favourite game from Mission Eurovision’s website, which you should check out before your guests arrive as they have a whole host of other games, music playlists and cocktail ideas for this years contest!

5. Captain Euro

Australia will be performing in this years contest and any geography whizzes out there will be aware that it’s not actually in Europe!? The relative newcomer to Eurovision was first welcomed in 2015 after the contest soared in popularity since being broadcast by SBS each year.. In honour of Australia making it through the qualifying rounds and into the final for 2022, why not try out this drinking game suggested by SBS.

Eurovision Drinking Game Rules | SBS

Hopefully you have been convinced to include at least one of these games at your party, if you do, please remember to drink responsibly – that means providing plenty of food for you and your guests to eat whilst your drinking and remember to keep everyone’s water glasses topped up throughout the night.

Check out Smiffys’ Eurovision Song Contest Collection for lots of fun costumes and party decorations to add all the fishing touches to your party! Get ready to tune into the Grand Final on Saturday 14th May on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from 8pm.

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