New Year's Eve Themed Party Ideas

New Year's Eve Themed Party Ideas

We love the idea of choosing a theme for your New Year's Eve party so you can go all-out to coordinate everything from the decorations and music, to the food, drink you have on offer! But the most important factor in pulling off a great themed New Years bash is to have all your guests come in fancy dress!

We couldn’t help but think up some ideas! So here's what we would do if we were going to throw a themed fancy dress party!



1920s Theme New Years Party DecorationsStep back in time to an era of glitz, glamour, and prohibition-era panache with a 1920s-themed party. The Roaring Twenties were an age of decadence and elegance, and recreating the atmosphere of a Gatsby-worthy soiree is easier than you think.

Decorations  Think gold accents, feather centerpieces, and draped shimmer curtains. Create lounge areas with plush seating and dim lighting to set the perfect ambiance for an evening of opulence.

Food & Drink Hors d’oeurves are a must! You need elegant finger foods and bite sized servings if you want to carry on with the classy 1920’s vibe. Try visually appealing canapes like devilled eggs and bruschetta. Prawn cocktails are a perfect starter and you can have some fun creating a show stopper cheeseboard to sit center-stage of your food table.

Obviously in true Gatsby style, you'll need lots of champagne or prosecco to wash the food down with. You could also prepare some prohibition era cocktails to offer your guests like a Gimlet, Gin Fizz, or French 75.

Music Transport your guests back 100 years by throwing on a 1920’s playlist in the background while people arrive and when it’s time to serve food. This playlist will be perfect to throw on in the background!

In the 1920s, fashion was vitally important for both men and women. Men styled themselves in sharp suits with smart hair to show power and importance whilst the bold women of the time rewrote the rules of fashion, now known as flappers, they ditched the corsets and opted for ‘risque’ short, fringed dresses, accessorised with feathers, fur and pearls.

Shop our 1920’s costume collection and find the perfect outfit for the party.

A Little Extra 
 Host a blackjack or poker table for a touch of illicit excitement reminiscent of underground speakeasies.



80's Theme Fancy Dress New Years Eve Party
Looking for a vibe that will keep the party going all night, choose the 80’s! Break out the neon, tease up that hair, and prepare for a nostalgic journey back to the era of iconic music, and neon everything. Get ready for a night filled with laughter, dancing, and a journey back to the glory days of the '80s. Here’s how we would go about throwing a classic 80’s New Year bash…

Decorations To turn your house into an 80’s wonderland, start by adding colour with rainbow shimmer curtains and sticking up some old school, foil Christmas decs, we want tacky and we want it everywhere! Next we need to add any kind of neon decoration you can find like tablecloths and balloons. Glow sticks are essential here, make sure to get plenty as they can be used for decorations and your guests will also love wearing them!

Adding some fun inflatables like our Inflatable Boom Box and Microphone is an easy way to add even more colour, they also make great photo props for your guests 

Food & Drinks An 80’s inspired drinks menu is a win-win for both you and your guests as these crowd pleasers are also quick and easy to make! Tequila Sunrise, Woo-Woo, Blue Lagoon and Sex On The Beach are the drinks we all secretly love, but never order at the bar.

For an even sweeter treat, you could surprise your guests with a selection on retro sweets available after the first round of food. Pop rocks, flying saucers, Wham bars, fruit salads and black jacks will create an iconic 80's pick & mix!

Music Is there a better decade for music than the 80’s?! It’s filled bangers from the likes of Madonna, Prince, Wham, Queen, Tina Turner ad that’s not even scratching the surface. There’s plenty of playlists.. we love this one!

The icons of the 80’s could be found anywhere from the music charts, all the way to the big screen. Take a look at our 80’s Fancy Dress Collection and you’ll find inspiration in no time. Another option for your guests is to recreate the super fun fashion trends of the 80’s with colourful disco pants and leg warmers, bold prints and big shoulder pads.

A Little Extra – Roll out the Karaoke machine! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate at an eighties themed New Years Eve party than with some karaoke performances of 80’s bangers only!


Sequins and Sparkles

Sparkle and Shine New Years Eve PartyStart the New Year off the right way, grab the sequins and get ready to treat your guests to a night of shimmers and shine!

Outfits – Make a bold statement this New Years with our range of tinsel and sequin jackets, an easy and effective way to turn into the star of the party! Another option is to explore our wide range of sequin hats and accessories that will make the whole place shimmer!

Decorations  Don’t forget about the décor, from Shimmer curtains to foil number balloons, find the perfect sparkly decorations to really make the theme come to life. Sequins and sparkles are the perfect way to kick off the New year!

Food & Drink – Out of all the party themes we’ve suggested... we think this is the easiest one to pull off! You can make anything on theme, all by simply adding some edible glitter! We love this idea of using it on donuts

A Little Extra –  Around midnight, brave the cold and head outside and give your guests sparklers to ring in the new year with a magical, memorable moment. 


TV & Movie Characters

TV & Movie Theme New years Eve Party
Grab the popcorn and get your tickets ready! Get dressed up as your favourite TV and movie characters, as you host a fun filled and unforgettable evening for your loved ones this New Year’s Eve!

Decorations   Turn your living room into a scene straight out of Tinseltown. Red carpets, gold accents, and Hollywood star decorations create an atmosphere of glamour. Decorate your walls with shimmer curtains, red, gold and black to tie everything together! Consider setting up a photo booth with movie-themed props, ensuring your guests can capture their moments in the spotlight.

Food & Drink – Craft a cocktail menu inspired by famous films and TV shows. Think "James Bond Martinis," "Harry Potter Butterbeer," or "Breaking Bad Blue Margaritas." Make sure to offer non-alcoholic options for guests who prefer a virgin version of the fun. You could even consider creating a DIY popcorn bar with various toppings or serving snacks.

Music – To really host a blockbuster celebration you need the right playlist. We love this one because it’s packed with great songs people are sure to know whether they’re a movie buff or not.

– Dressing up as your favorite TV and movie characters is a fantastic way to make your New Year's Eve party truly memorable. So, pick your character, perfect your costume, and get ready to make a grand entrance into the new year with a night of Hollywood-inspired festivities! From icons like Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin to modern TV sensations like Stranger Things and Squid Games… our TV & Movie Costumes Collection is filled with hundreds of ideas for you and your guests.

A Little Extra  Pick up a few of these Gold Plastic Statues to host your very own awards ceremony! You'll have everyone hoping to be crowned ‘Best Dressed’, ‘Funniest Costume’ etc!


With careful attention to detail, your themed party is sure to transport your guests to a place of excitement on a night that will be remembered long after the clock strikes midnight.

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