10 Funny Group Costume Ideas for The Darts

10 Funny Group Costume Ideas for The Darts

There isn't much comparable to the feeling of getting your mates together for a day out at the Darts. The almost unbearable excitement for the day shouldn’t be over shadowed by worries of organising a funny group fancy dress costume. So Smiffys are here to offer our expert advice to make sure you stay on target.

1) Piggyback Costumes

We think these already-hilarious costumes will look even funnier as a group costume. You could all wear the same costume to make it look like a group being carried by gnomes, or famers carried by their pigs. There is also the option for each friend to choose their own piggyback costume, this way you can still surprise each other on arrival but make it a brilliant group costume!

Funny Piggyback Costumes
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2) Booze Bottles

There’s no point trying to deny it... if your going to the darts in fancy dress, everyone knows your up for a good time and the drinks will most likely be flowing! So throw your hands up, embrace it and get your group all dressed up as a different type of liquor.

Boozy Bottles Funny Costumes
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3) Stand Out Suits

We have the perfect outfits if your group are not big fans of dressing up but don’t want to miss out on any of the fun! You and the rest of your group will stand out just as much as the group of bananas sat next to you. Just like the piggyback costumes, our Stand Out suits and dresses will look equally funny whether your group all choose the same design or they all want to surprise each other on the day and go as something different!

Stand Out Suit and Dress Ideas
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4) Star Wars

If you’re looking to make one of the most memorable entrances to the Darts this year, we think these are the costumes for you! Star Wars is only increasing in popularity again thanks to the recent film and TV series releases so dressing up as a mix of fan-favourite characters or even a group of Stormtroopers will be iconic.

Star Wars Costume Ideas
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5) Traffic Cones

SAFETY FIRST! Or at least that’s what you can say as you and your group shuffle around the likes of Ally Pally dressed in our traffic cone costume. Perfect for keeping track of your mates and getting yourself a space at the bar.

Funny Traffic Cone Costumes
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6) Colour Coded Costumes

If you’re trying to come up with a group costume idea that nobody else has done before, why don't you and your group of friends set themselves the task of picking a colour to decide their costumes. To show you just how funny this could look, we’ve had a quick go at the colour green!

Green Costume Ideas
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7) Full English

We all know the real breakfast of champions is a Full English! At that is the only reason you need to make your friends dress up as one for a trip to the darts!

Full English Breakfast Costumes
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8) Old Age Pensioners

Dressing up as a group of OAP’s for the darts will start off funny and only become increasingly hilarious as the day goes on. If you’re planning to get pretty drunk as you watch the darts, onlookers will find it absolutely comical to see a rowdy group of pensioners getting into the darts!

Old Age Pensioner Costumes

9) Retro Suits

S#*t shirts are so last year… so we think its time it was upgraded to s#*t suits! Get ready to look amazingly awful in questionable trends like an 80’s shell suit, a retro prom suit and unsightly tuxedos.

Retro Suit Costumes

10) Where's Wally?

A group costume that continues to stand the test of time! We cant kick this one of the list for the simple fact Where’s Wally costumes get funnier the more of them you see! So you may not be the only group at the darts dressed in the red and white stripes, but we bet you end up making friends with an army of Wallys!

Where's Wally? Costumes
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