10 Funniest Halloween Costumes

10 Funniest Halloween Costumes

Halloween and fancy dress go hand in hand and is part of a long standing tradition that only seems to be growing more year on year. Now, as Halloween gets nearer and nearer our minds turn to what costume we’re going to wear. Do we dust off our Devil outfit? Maybe its time to try the trusty Cowboy outfit again? Or maybe, you want to go completely wild and wear something so random and unique no one else would even think of such a creation.

We’ve been scouring the internet to bring you the funniest Halloween costumes we can find, covering everything from awesome Animals and comedy Couples costumes all the way to amazing homemade creations that really are as funny as they are inventive.

So here we are, the definite list of the 10 funniest Halloween costumes we’ve found on the web.

Roller Coaster Costume

Roller Coaster

Source: IMGUR.com

Stolen Mermaid Costume

kidnapped mermaid

Source: Instructables

French Kiss

french kiss costume

Cereal Killer Costume

cereal killer costume

Source: Smiffys

Nikon Camera Costume

camera fancy dress costume

Source: Instructables

Crate of Beer

beer fancy dress costume

Source: BoredPanda

Gingerbread Man

ginger bread man costume

Source: Mental Floss

50 Shades of Grey

50 shades of grey

Source: Bits & Pieces

Head in a Box

head in a box

Source: IMGUR

Green Soldiers

Green men

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