Frankenstein Children’s Halloween Face Paint

Frankenstein Children’s Halloween Face Paint

This Frankenstein Halloween Make-Up tutorial is a great way to bring plenty of fun and scares to any kid’s party this Halloween.

This quick and easy children’s face painting tutorial is perfect for adding the finishing touches to any kid’s Halloween fancy dress. With horror greens, bloody reds, and deadly blacks, this look is sure to scare this Halloween! Complete the look with a Monster Costume, including Jacket, Trousers, Headpiece, and Shoe covers.

Our easy to follow step by step videos will help you create the ultimate transformation this Halloween.

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Smiffys Make-Up FX are professional standard face and body paints that are simple to apply and easy to remove. Non-toxic, hypoallergenic and complying with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations you can be sure of a product that is safe and easy to use.

Make up Make up tutorial instructions

• Use brush to paint light green all over face, leave small space at top of forehead.

• Use dark green and apply with brush to temples.

• Use dark green to paint lines down the side of nose and up to eyebrow.

• Use dark green to paint lines from nose to mouth.

• Brush dark green to roughly blend lines.

• Continue on jawline and cheeks.

• Take a second to practice your scary face.

• Wipe a clean head on the forehead.

• Use dark red to paint a large wound on forehead.

• Define wound area further by adding lines for blood.

• Use sponge to dab back to eyelids and around eye area.

• Define lines with black and paint thick flared eyebrows.

• Add thinner detail lines on forehead, nose and cheeks.

• Paint a thick black zig-zag line across the forehead and fill upper part.

• Add black diagonal lines on the filled in part.

• Paint dark lines around the eyes.

• Brush over lips with black and blend in strong lines around mouth.

• Add stitch lines over wound area and add dots at each end.

• Paint line across lips and side of mouth.

• Add lines on the mouth, short at the edges and long in the centre.

• Draw white lines underneath eyes following the curve of the dark circles.

• Draw white lines next to black stitch lines.

• Add two or three white lines next to black lines on the lips.

• Finally, add white lines from nose to mouth and draw and arc on the chin and smudge these lines with your finger.

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