Soothsayer Halloween Make-Up Tutorial

Soothsayer Halloween Make-Up Tutorial

With this stunning Soothsayer Make-Up tutorial, Halloween has never looked so good! You’re certain to turn heads at any party and stand out from the crowd.

This gorgeous Halloween make up tutorial is simple and quick to achieve, with beautiful silver, deep purple, pale blue and white colours. Complete this look with glitter, vampire teeth, and a Wig and a gorgeous Soothsayer Fancy Dress Costume.

Our easy to follow step by step videos will help you create the ultimate transformation this Halloween.

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Make up Make up tutorial instructions

• Use brush and sponge to add silver around eyes.

• Paint black curved shapes under eyes.

• Paint black lines following cheeks and edge of eye.

• Use purple and apply above eye and down side of nose.

• Brush blue to outer lid edge and blend with purple.

• Use brush to blend black to underside of line.

• Brush in angular eyebrows.

• Brush blue into curve under eyes.

• Brush and blend silver into curve under eyes.

• Apply Smiffys eyelashes.

• Emphasise eyelids with black.

• Use brush to blend silver into curve.

• Brush purple underneath black line.

• Use sponge to blend together.

• Paint lips with purple, leave corners unpainted.

• Paint black to corners of lips.

• Blend in silver to cheeks.

• Dip cotton bud in glitter and tap over cheekbones.

• Apply glitter to centre of lips.

• To finish add vampire teeth and wig.

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