Christmas Gift Guide For Kids

Christmas Gift Guide For Kids

Take a look at this year’s Christmas Gifts Guide For Kids, put together by the elves at Smiffys HQ. Use it to find inspiration so you can give the children in your life the perfect gift.

The list is filled with items that will spark their imagination and create hours and hours of fun and joy. Find ideas related to some of the most popular kids characters of the year, or simply seek out gifts to level up their playtimes. Finding the right gift can sometimes be difficult, especially with how busy December is for everyone, but you can be sure to find a great, value for money Christmas present with this guide.



Minecraft Sword

Minecraft Diamond Sword 

Fans of the videogame Minecraft will go mad for this sword! The diamond sword is one of the most valuable objects you can get your hands on in the overworld and is the sign of a true adventurer. You'll be considered seriously cool in the eyes of any child you gift this too. 






Bing Instant Kit

Bing Instant Kit 

Little Bingsters will love this accessory kit that instantly transforms them into Bing! The Kit includes a character hood, tail and carrot making it easy to pop over any outfit they wish! Then just like Bing they can learn about the world around them, through fun adventures, making it perfect for pre-school ages.






Disney Encanto Deluxe Mirabel Costume

Disney Encanto Mirabel Deluxe Costume 

Make Christmas just as magical as the Madrigal's this year by giving the Disney obsessed child in your life, Mirabel's beautiful dress. Just be prepared for a Christmas Day filled with energetic performances of 'We Don't Talk About Bruno'! Don't worry though, you'll pick up the catchy lyrics in no time!






Firefighter Super Soaker Kit


Firefighter Super Soaker Kit

Are they a fan of getting lost in their imagination to find trouble and save the day? Move over superheroes... the real life hero is here with a real life long range super soaker to take playtimes to the next level.  






Blue Butterfly KitBlue Butterfly Kit

This magical ensemble will spark the imagination to make playtime extra special. Lovers of fairy tales and whimsical creatures can even make enjoy adding it to their every day outfits! Watch as your child's face lights up with joy and wonder as they spread their wings and let their imagination take flight with our Kids Butterfly Accessory Kit!






Light Stick Bracelet

Light Stick Bracelets

Help keep the little ones entertained during the party season. While the days are short it's the perfect time to bring out these timeless accessories that turn any event into a luminous spectacle. Amazing stocking fillers that are an instant source of joy and unforgettable memories.







Disney Minnie Mouse Ears Headband

Disney Minnie Mouse Ears Headband

The ultimate accessory for any Disney fan. With a reversible bow that can be switched from red to pink. A great little gift to make children feel like they're in their own magical fairy tale. 







Pirate Set with Compass

Pirate Set with Compass

Prepare for high-seas hijinks and swashbuckling fun with our Kids Pirate Accessory Set, including all the essential accessories for an authentic maritime look. This buccaneer-inspired ensemble is perfect for your little ones to embark on thrilling pirate escapades and transform into the captain of their own imagination!






Moon Creations Body Crayons Boxsets

Moon Creations Body Crayons Boxsets 

Adventure £18.99
Primary £18.99

These boxsets each come with 6 Moon Creations Face and Body Crayons and are perfect for Kids! Long-lasting, sweat-proof and water resistant, they can play all day and not worry about their creative disguises or patterns rubbing off! 






Metallic Silver Pom Poms

Silver Pom Poms

Do you know a little one that loves to perform and be in the spotlight? Why not give them a new challenge with these cheerleading pom poms that will add sparkle and enthusiasm to any dance routine they can think up. Watch their face light up with joy as they unwrap this super simple but super sparkly gift. 






Kids Harry Potter Costume Robe & Accessory Kit

Kids Harry Potter Robe & Accessory Kit

Gift a young Harry Potter wannabe everything they need to transform into the 'Boy Who Lived'! The kit features a hooded black robe that dons the Gryffindor house emblem, glasses, wand. The lightweight kit also comes with a two-ended clasp that keeps the robe closed allowing them to stay in character and as they head off on their magical adventure. 






Disney Princess Tiaras and Wands

Disney Princess  Tiaras & Wands
£4.99 - £7.99

Make their dreams come true and turn ordinary moments into fairy tales with their very own Disney princess tiara and wand. Great for playtime or simply turning any outfit into one where they can channel their inner royalty!








Kids Deluxe Dragon Ninja Costume

Deluxe Ninja Dragon Costume

Let's face it, being a ninja is every kid's dream. They get to dress up in cool black outfits, wield swords (plastic, of course), and perform incredible acrobatic moves. Plus, ninjas are known for their bravery, discipline, and ability to sneak up on their siblings. It's the ultimate fantasy for any adventurous child!







In today's digital age, it's important to find ways to get kids moving and away from screens. Any of the ideas in this Christmas gift guide are the perfect solution! Designed to inspire your child to engage in active play, to build on their creativity by using their imagination and playing with others. We don't need to break the bank in order to see a child's face light up as they unwrap their presents on Christmas morning. 

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