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We have a stealthy selection of ninja costumes perfect for adults and kids. A ninja, also known as a shinobi, is a stealthy undercover mercenary in feudal Japan, dating as far back as the 15th century. Their services were for hire during the unrest of the Sengoku period, and they carried out many services such as spying, gorilla warfare and sabotage. Our range of ninja fancy dress is based upon their use of disguises. It has been argued by some authorities, that black robes, maybe tainted with red to obscure blood stains, was in fact a costume of choice for the ninjas. Ninja outfits were similar to that of the Samurai, but any loose areas, such as leggings would be tucked into trousers or secured with a belt. Our collection of ninja costumes takes inspiration from this. But that's not all, to dress up as a convincing ninja you are going to need some tools and weapons. Ropes and grappling hooks were a necessity, and these were tied to their belts. Ninjas also used a variety of weapons, so we have some fantastic toy props to help you along. From short straight swords such as the Ninjatō, and daggers, to a full length katana sword we've got the lot. Don't forget all our accessories are toy replicas and safety tested. So if you are looking to become a ninja for the day, then look no further than our collection of ninja costumes below. If you are still browsing for ideas, then be sure to check out our other international costume themes.

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