YNOT Festival Announce 80's Movies Fancy Dress Theme

YNOT Festival Announce 80's Movies Fancy Dress Theme

Yet another festival fancy dress theme has been announced and this time its from YNOT festival.

A Bit About YNOT?

YNOT is a 3 day-long camping festival in the beautiful countryside of the Peak District. The Derbyshire festival will be taking place this year from the 29th – 31st July, with an amazing line up of awesome artists like The Courteeners, Stereophonics, Blossoms, Pale Waves.

If we're being honest… we're absolutely gutted we’re not heading there this year, alongside the impressive line up, it also looks like there’s some brilliant areas to keep festival goers of all ages entertained over the weekend, like Flamingo Jacks and Club Malibu. Find out more on the YNOT Discover page.

Right, that’s enough for now… We'll leave the rest for you to discover as you explore Pikehall yourself. The public vote this year definitely chose the best fancy dress theme available… 80’S MOVIES! Hella cool if you ask us. (and we are the fancy dress experts after all)

80's Movies Fancy Dress Ideas

Even though it’s not long now until the festival, we wanted to come up with some costume ideas. Because YNOT ey! You have up until 2pm on Wednesday to order for Thursday delivery.

1.Back to the Future (1985)

Marty Mcfly and Doc from Back to the Future

While you may not be able to build a time machine out of a DeLorean in time for YNOT, you can get your hands on a hoverboard with our officially licenced Marty McFly costume. Heading to the festival as a trio? You'll have to decide who will don our Doc costume and our Jennifer Parker costume. But you're sure to get the judges attention as these infamous 80's movie characters.

2. FAME (1980)

Dance Students from FAME film

Anyone can have some fun in a FAME themed fancy dress costume, and where better than a music festival where you can literally dance around all day and not look out of place once! Think ‘tight and bright’ when recreating a look from the American teen musical film. Legwarmers and sweatbands which make no sense in going well together… but it’s the only way to pull off this costume!

3. Ghostbusters (1984)

Ghostbusters Film Image 80s

We really thought Ghostbusters had it’s last spike in popularity for a while after the remake in 2016… but then came along Stranger Things and BOOM!. Those beige jumpsuits and proton packs were once again shoved into the limelight and people loved it. Smiffys have a range of Ghostbusters costumes in different styles so browse our collection to find the ones that suit you and your friends the best.

4. Top Gun (1986)

Top Gun Maverick and Charlie

Can Top Gun be overdone? We think never! Head right into the Danger Zone in a Maverick jumpsuit. You can also pair our Officially Licenced Top Gun bomber jacket and a blonde 80’s wig if you want to have a Kelly McGillis on your arm at the festival.

5. Beetlejuice (1988)

Beetlejuice movie

Beetlejuice is a great option if your taking the whole family to YNOT festival. This Tim Burton is a true classic and the popularity of this costume at Halloween mean Smiffys have costumes available in sizes for the whole family.

6. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)

This is the perfect costume for anyone looking to turn heads at YNOT! You wont find many people who disagree that Jessica Rabbit is the ultimate animated sex symbol. Thanks to Heidi Klum's iconic 2015 Halloween fancy dress transformation, this costume will be easily recognised by the judges at YNOT.
All you need is a red dress that you feel comfortable in at a festival. Then pair it with a few Smiffys accessories and your all set to go and break some hearts!

7. Child's Play (1988)

Child's Play 80s Movie

Chucky is one of the most well-known frightening figures of the last 30 years appearing in over 7 films and spawning countless pop culture references even to this day. It's sure to get some great reactions as you walk around the festival grounds. Just like with our Beetlejuice costumes, the design team at Smiffys have designed and created a wide variety of Chucky costumes so that your whole family can walk around the fields creeping people out.

8. Harlem Nights (1989)

Eddie Murphy dressed as gangster in Harlem Nights

It would be wrong to make a list of 80's movies and not mention Eddie Murphy. It was his regular appearances on SNL at the start of the decade that launched him into the spotlight during the 80's. Harlem Nights is a classic, written and directed by Eddie. It's also the perfect opportunity to dress up as some bad ass gangsters for YNOT's fancy dress theme this year.

9. Ideas For The Younger Festival-goers

80s Movies can seem a little distant to children today. They’re used to the highest quality animation and special effects, so it can be hard to get them just as excited about films that were created decades before they even existed,

So we’ve rounded up a few quick suggestions that they will definitely love getting dressed up in, don't worry they all in keep with the 80's Movies theme.

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