A Halloween Costume for Every Decade: Travel Through Time with Fancy Dress

A Halloween Costume for Every Decade: Travel Through Time with Fancy Dress

Every year we see people dressing up in the same costumes, why don't you switch it up and travel back in time this Halloween!

With so many iconic styles seen throughout the years, dare to be different this year, travel back in time and be inspired by the different decades.From 1920’s with gangsters and flapper girls, to the 1990’s with girl power and a side of grunge. Find a decade that suits you this Halloween season.



The ‘Roaring Twenties’ was an exciting decade, typified by the elegant lifestyles of gangsters, the invention of jazz music and the Charleston dance. Why not travel back to this exciting era this Halloween with our 1920's costume collection. Whether you want to jump onto the dancefloor with our wide range of Flapper Costumes or maybe you want to run the streets with our Gangster Costumes. You could even find your partner in crime and dress as the notorious couple Bonnie and Clyde. Find something to suit your 1920’s desires this Spooky season.



The ‘Dirty Thirties’, this decade saw the creation of many iconic Halloween movies such as Frankenstein and the blood-sucking vampire Dracula!

With out Universal Monsters Collection of costumes and accessories you can recreate the looks from famous movies this Halloween. Don’t forget to complete these looks with the Universal Monsters Makeup Kit, or if you need a quick solution why not look at the terrifying masks we have to offer.




The forties…flattering, sexy and vintage chic was all the rage, and pin up dresses took centre stage in the fashion world. Explore our range of pin up costumes with a wide variety of retro colours! Don’t worry if pin up isn’t for you, instead you can explore our range of vintage chic Marilyn Monroe costumes and iconic wigs to complete that Marilyn look. Want something scarier? Just add our Zombie Make-Up Kit to any of our costumes and look fresh out of the grave!

Don’t forget to add those finishing touches and take a look at our fabulous forties inspired wigs, designed to impress anyone this spooky season!





Coined the ‘Golden Era’, the fifties was also known as the decade of Rock ‘N’ Roll.

So why not become the king of rock ’n’ roll himself, Elvis! Find the perfect fit for you in our wide range of Elvis costumes, from a black and gold costume to his iconic red and white look – complete the look with our range of Elvis wigs and glasses.

Maybe our Grease collection is more up your street, dress up in our range of Sandy outfits from the iconic yellow poodle skirt to the cheerleading outfit, or even join the pink ladies and rule the world this spooky season. There is truly something for everyone in the 50s era.


 rocky horror


Is this officially licensed collection of Rocky Horror Stage Show costumes the opportunity you’ve been waiting for?

Go wild this Halloween, embrace your alter ego and relive the iconic styles seen in the popular stage show. Featuring some of the most incredible looks… like Magenta’s maid outfit and Frank's surgical costume! Don’t forget the iconic collection of wigs to really pull these Rocky Horror looks together. So why not delve into this outrageously iconic cult classic and wear the craziest outfits going at his years Halloween party.


 90's costume idea


The revival of the nineties are in full force at the moment! The era of girl power and grunge – if that’s what you’re looking for this Halloween then why not spice up your life with our Ginger Girl Power costume featuring an iconic red and blue dress in a union jack design! Get the party started in this costume inspired by infamous 90’s band, The Prodigy and you’ll get away with showing your wilder side this year.

This absolutely fabulous costume will transform you in a total ‘Daaarling’ this Halloween. Channel your inner Patsy and Eddie and become some of the favourite TV stars of the era.

Looking for a group Halloween costume? Why not become the Baywatch crew with our full range of Baywatch costumes, you’ll have to brave the October chill though!



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