What Horrible Histories Character are you?

What Horrible Histories Character are you?

As this year’s World Book Day approaches we’re all beginning to get excited about the upcoming events and activities that are planned. By far the most enjoyable thing about World Book Day however, is the opportunity to let our minds go wild and come up with some fantastic World Book Day costumes to showcase our favourite books and characters.

World Book Day is wonderful, as we can escape to fantastic far flung worlds, enter the land of make believes or even travel back in time to our favourite point of History and learn about the famous characters of the past that have made the world what it is today. But how do you settle on a Kids World Book Day costume? With so much choice available we could spend hours deciding on the perfect costume, leaving you little time to enjoy the book based fun. That’s why, to help your costume conundrum, we’ve made this handy Horrible Histories Quiz to discover which historical character are you?

Take the Quiz below and discover whether you’d look best as Blackbeard, great as a Georgian or wonderful as a WW1 Soldier.

In 'Gangsta Granny', Ben finds out his Granny used to be?
Grandpa from 'Grandpas Great Escape' was in which Armed Forces?
The Spuds made their money selling?
What is 'Mr Stinks' real name?
In 'Awful Auntie', why did Aunt Alberta fight with the Germans in World War 1?
What is 'Awful Aunties' Owl called?
After Burts Burger Van is no more. What do Zoe and Dad turn his Van into?
In the 'Boy in the Dress', what does Dennis call himself when he's wearing a dress?
In 'Billionaire Boy', what sort of creature is Joe’s butler?
What book does Raj the shopkeeper NOT appear in?

If you’re wanting a wonderful Kids World Book Day Costume, or even an adults! Don’t forget to check out our amazing World Book Day costume collections for Girls, Boys & Teachers!

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