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Descriptions of ghost sightings vary tremendously, from barely visible wispy shapes to realistic lifelike forms standing at the end of a bed. The interpretations of what each person perceives as a ghost or spirit allows complete creative freedom if you’re choosing to dress up as a ghost this Halloween. Thanks to friendly characters like Casper, ghosts can be light-hearted and if that’s more your style you should think about choosing this piggyback ghost costume or this classic sheet ghost costume to get a few laughs from your friends! Or you could decide to recreate looks from well-known ghost stories like this opera ghost costume, or a soulless grim reaper. As we mentioned earlier, you have creative freedom over your ghost costume so why don’t you make up your own supernatural thriller in one of our Ghost Town costumes – Haunt the Wild West as you play the parts of undead cowboys, heartbroken black widows, and even ghostly saloon girls! Perfect for a group of friends looking to coordinate their costumes!

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