Collection: Captain Morgan Costumes

Our range of Captain Morgan costumes are inspired by Captain Sir Henry Morgan himself, the 17th-century Welsh privateer of the Caribbean, who died in 1688. He was commissioned by the English Navy and amassed a bloodthirsty reputation and amassed a great personal fortune. A privateer, in the eyes of the English Navy, was a legal form of piracy, yet he was branded a pirate by the Spanish and French governments. A memoir from one of Morgans shipmates, portrayed him as a sinister criminal character who practised widespread torture and other blood-thirsty offences. As a result, after his death, his life was romanticised and provides the inspiration for many pirate themed stories and costumes. Since 1944, a brand of rum has been produced under the name of the Captain Morgan Rum Company, and it is from this branding that we recognise the distinctive red pirate coat of Captain Morgan. Step into character and live like the Captain, in our range of Captain Morgan costumes and accessories. For more pirate related items, head back to our pirate costumes page.

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