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Named the original Femme Fatale... who wouldn't want to dress us a Queen Cleopatra for the day! If you've been looking for an exciting and unique look for your next costume party, then these Egyptian-inspired gowns will be perfect choice for you to strut your stuff and embrace your inner queen. From gorgeous gold dresses to more simple styles in blue, white, or black, we have just the right fit to make sure you're comfortable while looking fabulous! Each dress comes with everything you need to complete the look, including accessories like headpieces, bracelets, and more. If you're hoping to embody a specific character from the movie or show that inspired the outfit, then be sure to check out our other Egyptian accessories that can perfectly finish off your look. So why wait any longer? Step into the shoes of history's most famous queen and enchant everyone you meet with one of our amazing Cleopatra costumes! We're sure you'll love being able to bring this powerful character to life at any party or event! And be sure to explore the rest of our Egyptian Costumes for even more great looks!

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