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The cosplay phenomenon has officially touched down in the UK and we couldn't be more excited! You may have seen snippets of the emerging hobby from the United States, but to see how it's really done - you should be looking to Japan, where it has become so popular it's classed as part of the culture, rather than just a hobby. You might still be wondering what is Cosplay? Well it's the act of dressing up as any of your most loved fictional characters, a cosplayers goal for their outfit is to look as realistic and accurate as possible. They either achieve this by buying a costume, creating it from scratch themselves, or using both of these methods to achieve their desired look. If you're wondering what makes a good cosplay outfit? Well that's very personal to each cosplayer and there's plenty of different cosplay genres for you to get try out. Cosplay costumes are based of characters from movies, books or video games. This leads to subgenres like Horror Cosplay, Anime Cosplay and Comic Book Cosplay. Cosplay allows people of all ages to see their favourite characters brought to life through creativity and imagination, conventions are a great part of cosplay as it brings people from all walks of life together. If you're looking for inspiration for an upcoming convention... this collection is the perfect place to start!

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