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There's something special about dressing up in one of our Dorothy Costumes. The main character of the Wizard of Oz, this is a movie that captured our imaginations as children and still remains popular to this day. There are so many magical moments and memories associated with this movie, from when Dorothy first arrives in Oz and the wonderful, vibrant colours take her by surprise. She meets the Tin Man, who is looking for a heart, the Scarecrow, who is looking for a brain, and the Cowardly Lion, who is looking for courage. The four of them journey together to find the Wizard of Oz and along the way, they meet some amazing characters like the Wicked Witch of the West. This is why we've got a great range of costumes available in different styles and sizes, perfect for any Dorothy fan who wants to accurately recreate the look portrayed by Judy Garland, or wants to add a sinister twist in order to dress up as Dorothy for a Halloween party! So, take a second to remember all your favourite moments from the movie, and choose your favourite Dorothy costume today, or check out the rest of our Wizard of Oz Costumes collection for more ideas.

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