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Pinhead is one of the standout characters of the Hellraiser series. Originating as far back as 1973, Pinhead began his life as a comic book character before being reprised and reinvented for the hugely successful Hell Raiser series. One of the leaders of the Cenobites, the character often called ‘Hell Priest’ or 'lead Cenobite' is often portrayed as a gruesome, yet intelligent and quietly articulate figure, with the creators drawing influence for the early cinematic portrayals of Count Dracula. With such a complex character, you have to make sure the fancy dress is fantastic. Luckily, A Hellraiser costume from the fancy dress experts at Smiffys allows you to take on the persona of one of the scariest characters in movie history in a high quality film inspired costume that's guaranteed to frighten any friends. So why not get out your Lament Configuration and come to earth and enjoy Halloween in a pinhead costume from Smiffys.

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