Collection: Knight Costumes

Want to dress up as a knight? Then check out our great collection of knight costumes for adults and kids. Don't worry, you don't exactly need to be knighted to wear one of our knight outfits. Way back in the Middle Ages, being granted a knighthood was top of ones bucket list. But not just anyone could become a knight, one had to be born of nobility. But now with our range of Knight fancy dress outfits, pretty much anyone can dress up as a knight in shining armour. And that doesn't just mean men and boys. We also have some great outfits for women and girls too. Knights had to engage in battles, and that meant some pretty hefty armour or chainmail was needed, so to create a convincing knight costume, you're going to need that and your sword and shield! We've got all the accessories you need to make your outfit a success. Be sure to partner up with some of our other Medieval costumes if you are going in a group. But don't forget knights have been know to defend against dragons, in fairytales, so you can also pair up a with one of our dragon costumes.

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