Collection: Ladybird Costumes

We've got a cute range of Ladybird costumes for adults and kids. Formally known as Coccinellidae, they are also called Lady Bug, or Ladybugs by our American friends. Whatever you choose to call them, these red and black insects are a family of beetles believe it or not and they make for some adorable little outfits. Ladybird costumes are always red and black, and come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for women and girls. We have some great accessories too, such as tights and tutus. Ladybird fancy dress is ideal if you are looking for your next insect costume or attending an animal fancy dress party. Why not pair up with a bumble bee outfit if you are looking to go as a group? Whatever you're looking for, you'll be sure to find it below. Check out our animal fancy dress outfits if you're still unsure as what to wear.

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