Collection: Mad Hatter Costumes

We have a wonderland full of Mad Hatter Costumes, for adults and children. The Hatter, is a fictional character in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a novel by the English author Lewis Carroll, written way back in 1865. Funnily enough, he was never referred to as the Mad Hatter by Lewis Carroll. It was the Cheshire Cat who indicates to Alice that he is "mad". Nonetheless, it's kind of stuck. Mad Hatter fancy dress costumes typically consist of a large top hat, with an attached price tag of 10 shillings and 6 pence. In addition to the hat, usually a formal outfit or suit. But don't just think Mad Hatter costumes are only for the men or the boys. We have some equally fantastic outfits for the women and girls too! Or why not pair up with a Queen of Hearts costume, as it was she who sentenced the Hatter to death. Whoever you decide to become, this is the perfect collection for your next fairytale fancy dress event.

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