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A necklace is always a great finishing touch for any outfit, and our collection of costume necklaces are perfect for anyone who is to pull off the most convincing costume ever. We have a wide variety of necklaces to choose from, including those inspired by Victorian fashion, Gothic fashion, Pirates, and even Egyptian royalty! Our design team have strategically designed a range of necklaces, for costumes that they know will benefit most from those extra special details. For example, you would never find a Pharaoh without a golden necklace embellished with precious stones! And if you were to come across a Pirate who wasn't wearing any jewellery, you would probably just assume they're a not a very good Pirate! So whatever style you're looking for, we should have the perfect option available here, and all our necklaces are made to be as authentic and genuine as possible, so you can be sure that when you put them on, you'll feel like whatever character you're cosplaying. We've got all the classics, from peace pendants and flapper pearls, to mermaid seashell necklaces and gothic crosses! Check out the rest of our Costume Accessories for more inspiration to help you achieve your desired look!

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