Collection: Rabbit Costumes

We have a great collection of bunny costumes for adults and kids. Bunny rabbit fancy dress is rather a wide and varied collection, which makes it perfect to women and girls, but also men and boys too. Bunny rabbits have infiltrated our homes for decades, and are one of our favourite animal fancy dress themes. From our cartoon favourite bunnies like Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit that have graced our TV screens for many years to our favourite Easter visitor, the one and only Easter Bunny to Hugh’s beautiful entourage of Playboy Bunnies in the Playboy Mansion, there’s no denying that everyone loves some kind of bunny; and let’s not forget our cute furry pets! No matter the bunny costume you’re looking for, there’s something for every occasion.
With a plethora of cute bunny outfits to choose from for a range of ages that vary from cute to kinky depending on whether it’s a child bunny costume or an adult one, we’ve got you covered. And if this isn’t enough to get you hopping mad for our fun fluffy tailed outfits, we also stock an impressive amount of accessories as well, because what’s Bugs Bunny without his carrot? And if you don’t want to go all out with an entire rabbit costume, we stock a number of different bunny bits and pieces to create your own DIY costume for a fraction of the cost.

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