Collection: Rapunzel Tangled Costumes

"Look at those fireworks. They are as if they are for me." - Rapunzel.
The wildly popular Disney movie Tangled, based off the story Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm. The costumes in this Disney Princess costume collection are perfect for kids who want to dress up as the beautiful Rapunzel with her magic hair! Channel your inner Disney energy and relive some of your favourite scenes from the movie with these fun and vibrant costumes. From the enchanting boat trip with Flynn Rider, to the hilarious moments containing frying pans and Pascal the pet chameleon, or even when Maximus gets a sneaky punch to Flynn's stomach whilst they're making a truce for Rapunzel's birthday. If you fancy being a bit wicked - why don't you go as Rapunzel's evil Mother in this Medieval Queen Dress. We've even got some great accessories to complete the look, like wigs, headbands and jewellery. So if you're looking for a couple of costume or just want to get into the spirit of things, scroll down and take a look at our collection, or explore the rest of our Disney Costumes range while you're here!

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