Halloween Costume Ideas on a Budget

Halloween Costume Ideas on a Budget

It’s time to start thinking about Halloween! Let’s be honest, no one wants to spend a fortune on a Halloween costume if you have 10 different parties to attend and especially when all of those parties have different themes.

We know that most of us think about DIY costumes when talking about cheap costumes. However, making your own costume can take a lot of time, it might not end up looking the way you expected and there are safety aspects especially when talking about costumes for kids.

Here are some suggestions for cheap Halloween costumes that will help you look great without spending loads of money. We have included some costumes as well as loads of accessories and ideas for how to style them.


Good news! Zombie costumes are still very popular. We have some great zombie costume options, including zombie costumes for women, men and kids. For women, we have a cheap Zombie Convict costume as well as a Zombie Bride costume and for men, there is a Zombie Pirate costume as well as a Zombie Priest costume. For little zombies, we have a selection of terrifying costumes, including Zombie School Boy and School Girl costumes. Also, check out our Horror Leggings for completing your zombie look.

If you really fancy making your own zombie costume, you will at least need some fake blood and other accessories to complete your look. We have range of zombie make-up kits and masks that will help you create that terrifying look by simply adding them to your DIY zombie ‘costume’ (that will probably contain some old ripped clothes). By the way, zombie costumes are a perfect Haloween costume idea for couples!


Another very popular costume option is definitely skeleton themed! Our collection includes some skeleton costumes, dresses, jumpsuits and instant kits for the whole family.

Make-up or masks are essential for completing any skeleton look. So check out our skull masks and skeleton make-up kits. If you want to look truly unrecognisable, you’ll love our Sinister Skeleton mask which includes a foam latex mask and long grey hair.

Another very simple, but effective way of adding that ‘bone effect’ to you costume is by wearing Skeleton tights, gloves and other accessories.

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Day of the Dead

We have some affordable Day of the Dead dresses and jumpsuits for women as well as Day of the Dead costumes for men and kids.

Day of the Dead look is all about that colourful make-up. Our Day of the Dead transfer kits are perfect for everyone despite your make-up skills! If you don’t want to cover your face in colourful make-up, we also have a selection of Day of the Dead eye masks and face masks.


If you’re looking for an affordable costume option, consider dressing up as a witch! Witches’ costumes are a classic choice for Halloween and we have a range of cheap witch costumes for women and girls. You can also pair a simple black dress with one of our witch capes and hats to transform yourself into a true witch!


Obsessed with vampire movies and TV shows? Why not dress up as a vampire this Halloween? With our cheap vampire costumes for women, men and children, you can wear matching costumes as a family or as a couple. Vampire capes and instant kits are a great way to transform a simple black outfit into a vampire costume. Don’t forget to add some vampire fangs and fake blood to finish the look.

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Instant kits & masks

We know that Halloween masks are great for completing different Halloween costumes. However, if a mask is scary enough it may be the only thing you need to transform yourself into a certain Halloween character. We have a selection of Halloween masks, including zombies, skulls, clowns and animals.

If you’re looking for a cheap and quick costume idea, Halloween instant kits are perfect for that! From bloody nurse and skeleton kits to devils and vampires, you’ll find something for your Halloween party.

We hope we inspired you with some cheap Halloween costume ideas! Don’t forget to tag us in your outfit pictures on Facebook or Instagram.

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