Deluxe 1920s Accessories Kit, Black & Gold

This Deluxe 1920s Accessories Kit is just what you need to instantly transform into a stylish 1920s gal about town! Whether you're accessorising an outfit to head over to a 1920s-themed party or you just love the fashions of the era, this 20s accessories kit gives you all you need to capture the glitz and glamour of the roaring 20s. The flappers of the era caused outrage with their "immoral" attitudes and lifestyles, but this classic combo of headband, stole, gloves, and cigarette holder represents the more modest and glamorous fashion of the day, giving you 1920s sophistication that you can then choose to strut with or without the sass! The black elasticated head band has black feather and golden floral decoration to give a thoroughly modern 20s look, and the fabulously furry stole creates a gorgeously decadent appearance, with the added benefit of no furry little creatures having been harmed to give you your luxurious look! The faux fur stole is lined with black faux satin and fastens at the front with matching ribbon ties. The long black gloves come all the way up to the elbow, and the included cigarette holder was considered the height of sophistication in its day. The perfect kit to create an instantly recognisable 1920s vibe, let these spiffing accessories mark you out as a classy lady with sassy style! 

  • Washing Instructions: Dry Clean Only
  • Product Code: 72009

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