Halloween Witch Costume Ideas

Witches are a Halloween classic and with so many styles to choose from we understand why. To make your decision a little easier this Halloween, we’ve put our favourite costumes into this guide, from dark arts witches, sexy witches and sultry witches. Whatever your style. we’ve got the perfect Halloween witch costume . Complete your look with a wig, some scary Halloween makeup and a witch’s hat.

Dark Arts Witch costumes and accessories

Cast a spell this Halloween as a Dark Arts witch. Great for Halloween parties or looking after trick or treaters, with a long black dress, cauldron and curse, you’re set to scare. Our pictured Sinful Soothsayer costume features a blue and black dress with additional overdress. All you’ll need to add is a a wig and make-up.

sinful soothsayer

Fairytale and Storybook Witch costume and accessories

For a more traditional and family friendly witch this Halloween, our Fairytale and Storybook characters are perfect. The colourful Storybook Witch and Glamorous Witch costumes are colourful and not too scary.

The Glamorous Witch Costume includes the dress, glovettes and hat, so all you need to add is a witches wig for a complete look.

We also have scarier witches’ costumes, where if you want to be a classic scary witch, our Spooky Witch Costume will fit the bill or go full on wicked witch with our Witch Costume

Sultry Witch costume and accessories

Sultry witches remind us of classic movies, casting a spell with their bewitching looks. Get the look with a body hugging black dress, a hint of skin and dramatic sleeves, lace and velvet. Make a statement this Halloween with the clingy Midnight Vamp Costume, as pictured, which comes with flared sleeves and fishtail bottom.

All you need to complete the look is a witch’s wig. Other sultry witch looks we love include the Duchess of the Manor, the slinky Immortal Soul dress with long lacy sleeves and a suggestive split. We also love the Curves Vamp, which has batwing sleeves so no need for a cape, and the Curves Witch Costume which is retro fabulous, knee length and includes a hat.

A long black wig is a classic look, but why not go for a contrast with red or purple, or go short with a vamp wig.
enchanting cat fancy dress costume

Sexy Witch costume and accessories

Get extra naughty this Halloween as a sexy witch. If you’re looking for a witch costume with sleeves, try our Witch Costume and Tainted Garden Wicked Witch, both also include hats. The Tainted Garden Wicked Witch costume can be seen pictured, and simply needs a wicked wig to complete the look. For an hourglass shape try the Witch Divine Costume which includes a corset and hat, simply add gloves and tights.

If you’re heading out this Halloween and want to light up the room – quite literally – the Wicked Witch Light Up Costume is for you.

For a figure hugging witch costume, we love the sheer detail on the Fever Enchanting Cat Witch Costume and the suggestive split. Whereas, the Tutu Witch Costume shows off your shoulders and waistline.

Zombie costume and accessories

For a scarier look this Halloween try our Zombie or Devil costumes for a terrifying look. Haunt the party and truly get into character by adding a wig and horrifying make-up. Pictured, the Soothsayer costume includes the dress and overdress.


Make sure to finish your look for a complete costume. We have everything you need from glow in the dark nail polishes to your classic witches hat. Check out our PaintGlow range for loads of cool products you need for a crazy night. There’s exciting UV: nail polish; hair gel; mascara; lipstick and much more! Or try our glow in the dark body paint, blood me up paint stick, and fake blood.

Witches hat

Witch Hats

To complete the traditional witches look, you’ll need a Witches hat. For a scary witch try the velour Witch Hat with spider. For a subtle look, there’s the glittery Mini Witches Hat, or for a completely out-there look, go for the Deluxe Witches’ Hat with feathers and netting.

Eyelashes are a great way to make your eyes stand out – perfect for enhancing your scary witches stare. There’s brightly coloured eyelashes for a bold look, eyelashes with glitter for a glamorous look, and eyelashes with droplets for a creepy feel. Or go for a classic long black eyelash.


Make-up can be difficult to achieve, so to make it easier we have make-up kits with step by step guides to help. Try the Gothic Make Up Set, Pretty Witch Make Up Kit, Scary Witch Make Up Kit or the Zombie Make-Up Kit. Alternatively, there’s the individual face paints for you to create your own look.


There’s many types of wigs depending on your character. Are you a scary witch? Traditional witch? Glamour witch? Or maybe a crazy witch? We have the classic long black Witch Wig for the traditional. There’s the Glamour Witch Wig in black and purple for the sexy witches. We have the Gothic Bride Wig in either black with pink, green, purple or grey highlights for the crazy witches. For those who want to scare we have the wild Soothsayer Wig with grey streaks through it. Whichever witch you want to be this Halloween, we have the perfect wig to complete your look.

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