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One of the main things Day Of The Dead festivals are known for is all vibrant colours that can be found on everything from the embroidery used to embellish dresses and suits, to the sugar used to decorate edible sugar skulls named calavera! But did you know some colours have specific meaning! For example, white is used in decorations to represent spirit, hope and purity, while pink signifies happiness, red represents blood and life and the colour purple is a representation of mourning and grief. So you can bear that in mind as you select your favourite accessories to complete your costume. Will you don a floral crown or top hat from our collection of Hats & Headwear, or completely change your look with a wig decorated with colourful flowers? No Day of The Dead costume would be complete without a skull for a face, you can choose one of our Make Up Kits if you want to have a go at creating your own. Or those who want to keep things simple can browse our selection of masks below!

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