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It was the decade that gave us Blockbuster, horror franchises and some gnarly special effects. Movie budgets blew up, storylines became more dramatic and consequently, mainstream films became more audacious and electrifying than ever! So many great films were born in the '80s and have proven themselves to be very watchable in the decades since. Some reached new heights like Top Gun, some made some rather flashy predictions like, Back to the Future and some just scared the living daylights out of us like The Shining! TV shows in the 80's provided us with a whole host of heroes and icons, He-Man and She-Ra set the bar especially high. But adventures from the likes of Danger Mouse and Inspector Gadget inspired imaginative games on school yards and playgrounds across the county! So whether it was the coming-of-age teen flicks, or the sci-fi adventures that you loved most, there's no denying that 1980's TV shows and movies made an impact on pop culture like no others, making any of these costumes a fantastic choice for your 80's fancy dress costume! For more throwbacks, check out the whole collection of 1980's Costumes!


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