Collection: Beano Tableware

This range of official Beano tableware will be instantly recognised by all ages at your next event! The Beano comic was first published 1938 and has since released over 4000 issues! So all your guests, young and old, are likely to have either grown up reading about the famous characters in a comic strip or by watching Dennis The Menace and Gnasher cause lots of trouble on the TV screen. We have designed this collection of partyware to include everything from the essentials like paper cups and paper plates to fun extras like the party photo props, you can use to create fun memories to photograph. If you’re thinking of using this range to host a child’s birthday party, the party invitations and matching party bags will be an instant hit amongst your guests and will carry the theme of your party right from when they first get invited and all the way until they leave with big Gnasher grins on their faces!