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"But I am the Chosen One."
From being a skinny boy with untidy hair, to ‘The Boy Who Lived’. Harry’s life took a rather dramatic turn after his 11th birthday – but it was definitely a turn for the better! The novels from author, J.K. Rowling follow the story of a young boy named Harry Potter, who grows into one of the most powerful wizards the secret wizarding world has ever known. A Harry Potter costume is a great choice for World Book Day, Halloween or any magical themed fancy dress event. You’ll be instantly recognisable, especially if you draw on his infamous lightning bolt-shaped scar on your forehead and wear a pair of thin round glasses. It’s not just Harry that you can transform into with the help of Smiffys… we also have a range of Hermione, Draco Malfoy, Voldemort and even terrifying Dementor costumes!

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