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Are you looking to turn your little sweetie into an actual sweetie? Well you have come to the right place. Why not make your kids look even cuter than usual with our range of Kids Food costumes. All the Aunts and Uncles are going to lose it at the next family get-together -''Ooo I could just eat you up!" is definitely going to be the favourite line of the night. We have healthy options like our Apple Costume and the Peach Costume, from Roald Dahl's James & The Giant Peach. Or sweeter treats such as this Cupcake Costume and our Toddlers Donut Costume. So whether you're looking for some silly, spooky fun like this Baby Pumpkin Costume or just want them to look adorable at their next costume party, we've got the best selection of kids' food costumes around. Whatever ingredients you need to go into your child's next food costume, you can search safe in the knowledge we've got you covered.

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