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Our collection of ringmaster costumes are perfect for any circus related theme, and come available for adults and kids. A male circus leader is known as a ringmaster, whilst a female is known as a ringmistress. Regardless of gender a ringleader plays an important role within any circus as they are the masters of ceremony. Their role is to introduce the circus acts to the audience, and ensure that the acts maintain flow whilst equipment is changed. Our collection of ringmaster fancy dress takes inspiration from traditional attire. Where, a ringmasters outfit usually consists of a bright red tailcoat with gold detailing, black top hat and whip. Whilst a ringmistress usually wears a red skirt and black boots with the same topcoat and tails as the man. The ringmaster costume is a great look for all the family, and can be enjoyed by girls and boys too. Our collection features all of the outfits and accessories you need to create a costume worthy of applause.

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