Collection: Swords

Who doesn't want to feel like an absolute badass wielding a sword around when dressing up as their favourite character from a movie, television show, or anime? We have an excellent selection of swords that are perfect for any occasion, whether you're looking for something to complete your cosplay or want to add some extra flair to your Pirate or Viking costume. Some of our swords look like they have come straight out of a history book, making them perfect for finishing off your Roman Soldier, or Medieval Knight costume. So are you looking for a realistic sword that people of the past would have wielded in battle, or are you going for something exciting, badass, and gigantic, as someone in an anime fantasy world would wield effortlessly? We also have a wide variety of colours to choose from, so you can find the perfect sword to match your outfit. And we even have some light up options for those who want to add a little extra excitement to their look. So, what are you waiting for? You'll be ready to take on your enemies with any of our Toy Weapons, so if you cant find the perfect piece here, check out our other collections.

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